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Lovely vintage furniture with a characteristic look

Trademark has a clear position on nature, and we like the thought of reusing materials in order to minimise the inroads made into nature’s resources. To the greatest extend possible, our products are produced from reuse of materials or from reproduction of old things with a timeless beauty that has been appreciated through a long life.

Combined with sense of cool design, you will have a unique product. This corresponds perfectly to the demand on sophistication coupled with the design. This is Trademark Living.

Vintage is back in business. Create a room with a personal touch, which allows a nostalgic and cozy atmosphere. Tradition and modern lifestyle are brought together in this interior style characterized by curvy, soft shapes and raw charm.

Trademark Living interior is evocative, rustic and functional pieces of workmanship made of wood. The products are to a great extend produced by reusing materials, original old vintage or by reproducing old vintage things with a timeless beauty that someone has appreciated through a whole life.

"Wood provides natural warmth to your home and is a symbol of our origin"


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